Friday, September 5, 2008

Trip to the zoo

The children and I went to the zoo today. We decided a day out was needed after a rough night after shots and with two children teething. They both had a great time. Annalise was an angel and Gideon was just so excited. I think his favorite thing was the giraffes. They had a new baby and it was adorable. My favorite was the sea lions. (Which just happens to be my Mama's favorite animal at the zoo.) One of them kept barking. That was really fun. We got home in time for a wonderful nap. Of course no time for house work. But, hopefully the kids will not remember how filthy the house was. Time sure is flying by. We will try to enjoy each day that we have together.

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Anonymous said...

Annalise, That is about the cutest hat I've ever seen! Love, Grandmama