Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gabriel Coy

So, I am a bit late in announcing Gabriel's arrival. But, HE IS HERE!! YAY!! And, we are all enjoying him very much. He was born on Nov. 14th at 10:58 am. He weighed 7lbs and 7oz and was 20.5 in. long. He is such a sweet baby. And, so easy going....so far. ;) His brother and sister were instantly smitten. They welcomed him with open arms and cannot keep their hands off of him. We are all adjusting very well and Jake and I are very proud and thankful for our little brood. God has been so good to us. Parenting is very challenging, but so rewarding. We are so thankful for every minute and pray for wisdom to raise these children in the way God would have us to.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Catch up

Just realized how long it had been since I have posted.....anything!! Getting VERY close to the arrival time for Gabriel Coy. It has been a very easy uneventful pregnancy and I have enjoyed it very much, but I am ready to meet our new son. Very excited. Gideon and I started a very small amount of homeschooling. We have chosen (with much guidance and wisdom from our sweet Dand'un) a wonderful curriculum that we both love. It is called Five in A Row and it involves lots of reading....which we LOVE!!

The little ones had a great time dressing up for Halloween. Gideon got to be Buzz Lightyear which he was ecstatic about and Annalise was a beautiful Fairy Princess. They had a lot of fun despite Annalise being a little sick.

Jake is making us very proud with his EMT basic course. He has the highest average of the class and is giving it 100%....just as he does everything. So thankful for my precious family.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One of Gideon's favorites....


I hear my little guy singing this song a lot. He has heard it on Sesame Street a couple of times. It makes me smile and a little weepy when I hear him. I hope that he achieves whatever his goals are in life...but, I also hope he remembers his way back home from time to time. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sweet Gabriel Coy

Our sweet boy. His due date is sneaking up on his Mama and Da. November will be here before we know it. Gideon asked today would he be here after he got up from his nap. :) Sweet children. God is so good.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Making memories.

These pictures make me smile. Splashing in mud puddles are just so fun. Even Mama participated a little. :)

New mixer!!!!!

I got a new mixer!!!! Anyone that knows me, knows that this is a big deal. I LOVE to bake for my family. I love to make bread, cookies, dinner and sweet rolls, and lately even sandwich buns. We got 3 mixers for wedding gifts 12 1/2 years ago and have broken all of them in the past 4 years. So, I have been drooling over all of the KitchenAid models for years. But, just hated to spend that much on a mixer. We finally decided to save our Discover card cash back for one. And, this year for my birthday, my sweet parents, in-laws, and Jake's grandparents gave me money. So, I set it all aside and waited to have enough Discover card cash back to transfer to Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards. So, yesterday was the day that the children and I loaded up in the car and made the trip over to our Bed Bath and Beyond. I was able to get the Professional 600 model for 55.00 out of our pocket after coupons,rebates, cash back, and b'day money!!! It is a 400.00 mixer.So excited! So, a big thank you to all of my sweet family for the b'day money. It helped a lot. I am going to close for now so that I can mix and bake until my heart is content. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sweet Girl

Here are a couple of cute pics of our sweet girl. The one in the backpack is so priceless. This was one on our recent trip to Lake Jordan with our great friends Daniel and Elisha. It was our third day there and our second time hiking on Swayback Trail. I guess she felt that she had seen enough. HAHA!! We had the best time with the best friends. Somehow this was the only picture that we came away with, but I will say it was the greatest weekend. Thanks Daniel, Elisha, Anjali, and Jaiden for being the greatest friends. We love you. The other pic is Annalise in her ladybug boots. The boots were a gift from our beloved Aunt Trisha while I was still pregnant with our sweet girl. She has finally grown into them, and let me tell you....she is thrilled. Aunt Trisha is the best and always finds the best gifts ever. We love you Aunt T. I put them on her 10 times per day. Such a precious girl. We are forever thankful that God saw fit to make her ours.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gideon singing his favorite song

Here is a little video of Gideon singing a bit of his favorite song "The Fox'. I think he does a beautiful job. Please look over the folded laundry in the background. Obviously it was diaper washing day. :)

Sweet babies

God has richly blessed Jake and I with such precious children. I never mean to imply that they or we are perfect. I am so grateful for God's grace and my children's ability to forgive a Mama who makes mistakes daily. They continue to love me and to be happy with me despite my constant failures. They really take joy in such sweet little things. I love the picture of them peeking into the oven. They were waiting on a blueberry pie that we made that morning. I love how Gideon is holding Annalise's hand. He takes his responsibility of older brother very seriously. I think he has days that she bothers him all day, but he cannot bear for her to get into trouble. And, they miss one another terribly when apart. The one of Gideon in the swing was just a wonderful gift. He was waiting on Annalise and I on the porch and took a book out while he was waiting. Just sweetness.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Another sweet boy for the Franklins!!

Well, Jake and I saw our sweet Son for the first time today. Such a gift. Maybe I can get the video posted soon. It is huge and will take a while. But, he was perfect and very docile and sleepy. He was very modest for a good while and kept the sonographer guessing, but finally decided he would cooperate. So excited. So, we are looking forward to the Nov. arrival of Gabriel Coy Franklin. Our newest precious gift from God.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day to the best husband and Da!!

I don't know how Jake and I ended up with such a blessed life. Why God has given us soon to be 3 wonderful children. We have a life that is filled with smiles and laughter. And, I could not have asked for a better help mate and father for my precious children than Jake. What kind of man asks for a dryer and hot water heater for Father's Day? The best kind. The kind that take his little ones on long bike rides even though it is a much easier ride by himself. The kind that comes home and senses Mama needs a break from the little ones and gladly takes both of them out for the afternoon. The kind that rushes home from work and whose children rush to the door screaming when they seem him. The kind that calls throughout the day to tell us all how much he loves us and wishes he were home with us all of the time. The kind that looks for hobbies that includes all of us. Hobbies that are not a way to get away , but a way to bring us all together. The kind who always thinks of the children and I first and himself second. The kind of father that is always plugged in to his family. The kind who is a willing play partner in the floor with animals and trains(and even a baby doll every once in a while). The kind that oohs and ahhs over his baby girl in a new outfit. The kind that notices every little thing that his little boy accomplishes. And, the kind that makes me feel loved and treasured. That is the kind of husband/father that asks for a new dryer and water heater for Father's Day. I will give him an actual gift because I find such joy in seeing joy on his face. If the children and I can give him just a bit of joy that he gives us everyday, it will be a great day. We love you, Jake/Da!! Happy Father's Day!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sweet Babies

I just love to see my little ones red faced and dirty. It has been really hot this week, and Gideon is a magnet for chiggers. BUT we refuse for any of that to keep us inside all day. We still try to get some time outside even if it is just a few minutes for a quick walk, throwing a few rocks on the driveway, or watering our garden. So, here are a few pics of the Franklin children good and dirty.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just an update...

So, we haven't posted anything in a while. We have been super busy, and I am afraid our digital camera has stopped working. So, no pics until we can find a good deal on a new camera. So, if anyone hears of a good deal, let us know! I don't really like to post much without pics, so it might be a while before we have any new posts. Little ones are growing like weeds. They are just getting so big. Our newest addition is growing as well...which means I am too. We are going to be having our ultrasound on 6/22. So, we will know if we are going to be bringing home a new little brother or new little sister for Gideon and Annalise. Very excited. I started feeling little flutters about 10 days ago and now am starting to feel just a little bit stronger movements now. So exciting. Nothing in the world like feeling a little one move. Just love being pregnant. I am so thankful for all of my sweet babies.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


This is the result of letting a 14 month old feed herself yogurt. So messy, but she was so proud. Sweet girl.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day etc...

I dearly love Mother's Day. I treasure every one because I know how empty it is without any little ones. I had many Mother's Days without them and longing for them. Missing them even though I did not know them. God has blessed us with two...soon to be three precious children. We are forever grateful.

We had a wonderful day together. We decided to stay home from church and just rest Sunday morning. I am feeling lots more energetic now that I have entered the second trimester of my pregnancy, but still have days that a nice lazy morning is a perfect thing. Jake and Gideon went to the grocery store early and came home with all the fixins for the best omelet ever and, a beautiful arrangement of roses. They had already given me a very generous gift of an Ipod Touch but, the roses were just a wonderful surprise. We went to an art show and had a great lunch together. Then came home for a wonderful nap. ( A great gift in itself!) Afterwards, we were able to spend a great night with my wonderful Mama and family. Such a wonderful day spent with all of those that I hold near to my heart. Thank you sweet family for a wonderful day and for loving me, not just on Mother's Day, but every day.

Our little train engineer

Gideon got a great engineering hat, bandanna, and train whistle from Dandun and Grandaddy for his birthday. He looks so cute in it, I just had to post this. He is getting so big so fast. We are taking a few minutes every morning to work on "school work". He is doing a handwriting workbook and is coming along really well. He is such a big boy and we are so proud of him and little sister.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More pics...

Easter pics....finally!!

Boy!! It has taken me forever to decide to sit down to work on our little blog. I don't know how long it has been since I have taken such a long break. Our little brood had a great Easter weekend. We started it on Friday by dying Easter eggs. Next, it was off to Grandmama's for an Easter egg hunt with cousins Ethan, Elijah, Alayna, Nathanael, and Alexander. I guess, technically Alexander and Annalise did not participate, but I think they had a great time. Next, the other Franklin brood came home with us and we planted our first raised bed garden. It was a lot of fun and we were pleased with how much the kids (espcially Alayna) enjoyed it. We planted yellow crookneck squash, zucchini, cucumbers, baby carrots, buttercrunch lettuce, eggplant, and tomatoes. We have since put in several herbs. So far, everything is sprouting and looking really great. We are super excited. On Easter Sunday, we went to church, took the little ones to the park for a bit, and then went home for lunch. It was a great weekend. And we enjoyed spending it with our family.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sweet new pictures

These are a few new sweet pictures of the kiddos. I just love the one of Gideon at the stream in the park. And the one of Annalise in her backpack. One of her most favorite places to be. :) The picture of Gideon at the table was taken because it was his first time setting the table. We have a new chore chart that he follows. It is not really a reward chart, but he does place a sticker by the chore when he completes it. He is learning to make his bed, feed the cat, take his dishes to the sink, set the table, etc. He absolutely loves doing the chores and begs to do more. ( That may not last very long...but, we will enjoy it while it lasts!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Annalise's 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated our precious little girl's first birthday on the 14th. She had a wonderful time. She is becoming such a special little girl and it meant so much to us to have our friends and family with us to celebrate. She received so many sweet gifts and is enjoying all of them. Her pretty ladybug dress was made with love by her Aunt Obbie who is always so generous. God has been so incredibly good to us, granting us such sweet children and family and friends that treasure them and enjoy them with us. Thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate. We love all of the gifts, but love all of you even more. Big hugs and kisses from our sweet girl.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Children at the park

We recently had our first playdate with some sweet friends. Gideon and Annalise were able to meet and play with Bryant and Sophie Boemer. They had such a good time. And since I forgot my camera, Mrs. Jamie(Bryant and Sophie's Mama) was sweet enough to take some beautiful pics and share them. I love the one of Annalise and Sophie. We had a great time and are looking forward to the next time.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Such sweet gifts from such sweet folks.

Mr. John and Mrs. Kathy are sweet friends of our little family. They are so kind to my children in every way. They are so sweet and loving to both of them, and are so thoughtful. The children both just had a birthday and we received the best presents from Mr. John and Mrs. Kathy. Gideon received his first batch of moon sand and I have to say he has hardly played with anything else. And, I have enjoyed it quite a bit myself. :) Annalise received a beautiful red and white summer outfit. She looks so gorgeous in it. In fact we will have more pictures to follow of her in her sweet outfit that our sweet friend Mrs. Jamie took in the park. So, a big thanks to Mr. John and Mrs. Kathy. We love the gifts but love you even more. Your generosity is only exceeded by your sweetness.

Pictures of camp out and soccer game

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A few firsts..

This is the first time that I have ever posted anything without pictures. One reason is that Jake took my camera on his second round of his "Man Adventure" and I forgot to download before he left. Second reason, I forgot my camera for one event completely. Now... on to the Firsts this week. Annalise is such a big girl now that she is one. I am not completely convinced that she loves it. As I mentioned before, she had her shots on her big day. She ran a 102 degree fever the next day as a result. And, now she has discovered that turning one means leaving the paci behind. So, that brings us to our first First. Annalise had her First night without the pacifier. I am not convinced that she agrees with our decision that the paci goes at one year. So far, being one probably seems like a downer. Oh well, we will make it up to her. Gideon had his First dentist appointment. If you could just give me a little time to be an unashamed bragging mother... he did so great. He never even hinted that he would cry or even get upset. He went willingly with the dentist and had his teeth cleaned and examined without a single complaint. I was more than proud to say the least. Such a fine big boy. After his First dentist appointment, he had his First camp out with his Da. He was so excited he didn't even eat his hotdog that we roasted on the campfire for him. (Or his marshmallow.) They stayed out all night and he came in beaming. This morning we got up and headed to our First soccer game. Gideon had sooo much fun. He laughed and ran and was a willing player. He still doesn't seem to get exactly what he is doing. He very politely stopped and allowed the opposing team to kick the ball. HAHAHA!! Such a sweet little man. His coach had to explain that soccer matches are not really the time to share. :) Oh, well. There is always next time. We do have pictures of the campout and soccer game but, I forgot my camera for the dentist appointment. And, I assumed it would not be very kind of me to take the pictures of Annalise's first night without paci. But, just wanted to catch everybody up on what is happening with the Franklins. My little ones are a source of pure joy. I take joy in everyday with them and love watch them grow and advance in this life. I rejoice with them as they accomplish all of their Firsts whether joyful or hard. I am proud that they are mine.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Our Little Lady is one!!

How could she be one? I have been remembering all week. The excitement of her coming. Dandun being here with us. So many sweet memories.Annalise is getting so big so fast. She is turning into such a funny little girl. Her personality is really starting to shine. She woke up to find her birthday balloon that brother chose for her. She LOVED it. Her party is not until the 14th, but Gideon was ready to celebrate. We got out the party hats and had a celebratory bagel. Of course, she may never forgive me for scheduling her doctor visit on her birthday. Pretty bad to get shots on your big day. But, we will make it up to her. Such a big girl!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Man Adventure

Jake just went on his first Hog Hunt with Pete and Jeremy. They had so much fun. We called it the "Man Adventure" so much that even Gideon was asking when "Da would be home from his Man Adventure". And, no they did not get any hogs this time. But, no one seemed to mind. I think they truly had a wonderful adventure. Jake and I are ready for a spring and summer of adventure with the kiddos. Gideon is talking about camping all of the time now. And, I am anxious to get some camping and canoeing in myself. Gideon has been practicing "sleeping" in our sleeping bags. He is very excited about an upcoming camp out with his Da on the property. Life is so good and an adventure in itself.