Monday, February 9, 2009

Hiking and picnic on Franklin Mountain

A seventy degree day in February!! Too good to pass up. I took the children on a quick hike around our new fence line. Gideon had a wonderful time and asked to go again as soon as we got home. The picture of Annalise is not so great since she was in the backpack. It is kind of hard for me to get a good shot of her while she is on my back. We had a picnic on "Picnic Rock". The very spot Retta always used to picnic with her little ones. We treasure our home and land. God is good.


Elisha said...

Thanks Kristy! It's so good to see you have a blog too! So how old are your kids? They seem close to ours...Anjali is 2 1/2 and Jaiden is 14 months. You guys have such a beautiful family!!

Elisha said...

Wow...they are so close together! Anjali actually turns 3 in April so they are only a couple months apart. That would be awesome if we lived closer! We could all go on hikes together...we have the backpacks too:)
As for the burp cloths, you can just send me an email when you're I've actually been selling stuff here and there for about a yr now- I'm just trying to get a website set up to get it going!

~Crystal~ said...

What an incredible place to grow up. Tons of adventures to be had.
Your babies are beautiful!