Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Annalise's 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated our precious little girl's first birthday on the 14th. She had a wonderful time. She is becoming such a special little girl and it meant so much to us to have our friends and family with us to celebrate. She received so many sweet gifts and is enjoying all of them. Her pretty ladybug dress was made with love by her Aunt Obbie who is always so generous. God has been so incredibly good to us, granting us such sweet children and family and friends that treasure them and enjoy them with us. Thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate. We love all of the gifts, but love all of you even more. Big hugs and kisses from our sweet girl.


~Crystal~ said...

Awe...I think she's gorgeous!

And that cute is adorable! Did you make it?

The Franklins said...

Hey Crystal! If you were talking about the cake...I wish. We ordered it from Edgar's Bakery. They are great. Can you believe I took a cake decorating class and can hardly make just a frosted cake look pretty...sigh. She is a sweet and pretty girl if I do say so myself.;)

Elisha said...

I have to agree...she is gorgeous! I love the outfit and the cake! So precious:)

Mobile Franklins said...

What a wonderful day with such a big girl!

All our love to each of you!