Saturday, March 7, 2009

A few firsts..

This is the first time that I have ever posted anything without pictures. One reason is that Jake took my camera on his second round of his "Man Adventure" and I forgot to download before he left. Second reason, I forgot my camera for one event completely. Now... on to the Firsts this week. Annalise is such a big girl now that she is one. I am not completely convinced that she loves it. As I mentioned before, she had her shots on her big day. She ran a 102 degree fever the next day as a result. And, now she has discovered that turning one means leaving the paci behind. So, that brings us to our first First. Annalise had her First night without the pacifier. I am not convinced that she agrees with our decision that the paci goes at one year. So far, being one probably seems like a downer. Oh well, we will make it up to her. Gideon had his First dentist appointment. If you could just give me a little time to be an unashamed bragging mother... he did so great. He never even hinted that he would cry or even get upset. He went willingly with the dentist and had his teeth cleaned and examined without a single complaint. I was more than proud to say the least. Such a fine big boy. After his First dentist appointment, he had his First camp out with his Da. He was so excited he didn't even eat his hotdog that we roasted on the campfire for him. (Or his marshmallow.) They stayed out all night and he came in beaming. This morning we got up and headed to our First soccer game. Gideon had sooo much fun. He laughed and ran and was a willing player. He still doesn't seem to get exactly what he is doing. He very politely stopped and allowed the opposing team to kick the ball. HAHAHA!! Such a sweet little man. His coach had to explain that soccer matches are not really the time to share. :) Oh, well. There is always next time. We do have pictures of the campout and soccer game but, I forgot my camera for the dentist appointment. And, I assumed it would not be very kind of me to take the pictures of Annalise's first night without paci. But, just wanted to catch everybody up on what is happening with the Franklins. My little ones are a source of pure joy. I take joy in everyday with them and love watch them grow and advance in this life. I rejoice with them as they accomplish all of their Firsts whether joyful or hard. I am proud that they are mine.

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