Monday, March 2, 2009

Man Adventure

Jake just went on his first Hog Hunt with Pete and Jeremy. They had so much fun. We called it the "Man Adventure" so much that even Gideon was asking when "Da would be home from his Man Adventure". And, no they did not get any hogs this time. But, no one seemed to mind. I think they truly had a wonderful adventure. Jake and I are ready for a spring and summer of adventure with the kiddos. Gideon is talking about camping all of the time now. And, I am anxious to get some camping and canoeing in myself. Gideon has been practicing "sleeping" in our sleeping bags. He is very excited about an upcoming camp out with his Da on the property. Life is so good and an adventure in itself.

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Elisha said...

So cute! I can't wait to hear about those camping/canoeing adventures...and can't wait to go on some myself;)