Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow on the mountain

We had so much fun today playing in the snow. It snowed very close to 4". It was amazing. The wind was really blowing and with the snow still coming down it felt like we were in a blizzard. (Or as close to as a blizzard as we will ever see!) We went out the first time fairly early. It was really cold and I had Annalise on my hip so I could not play with Gideon as much as I really wanted to. We came inside for a break and to throw all the wet things in the dryer. Round 2 was much more fun because I put Annalise in the backpack and had my hands free to have what Gideon calls "snow battles". After our "battle" I put Gideon on a trash can lid and pulled him all over the yard like a sled. When you live in Alabama, you have to improvise a bit. We had to go in before Gideon and I were ready. Our sweet little girl decided she had enough wind and wet snow blowing in her face. But, we made lots of sweet memories. Just wish that Da could have been with us. But, he was on an adventure of his own. I really enjoyed hearing everybodys snow stories today. (Especially hearing about you making snow cream, Mama. Next snow we are definitely going to do that!)Lots of fun.

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