Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Such sweet gifts from such sweet folks.

Mr. John and Mrs. Kathy are sweet friends of our little family. They are so kind to my children in every way. They are so sweet and loving to both of them, and are so thoughtful. The children both just had a birthday and we received the best presents from Mr. John and Mrs. Kathy. Gideon received his first batch of moon sand and I have to say he has hardly played with anything else. And, I have enjoyed it quite a bit myself. :) Annalise received a beautiful red and white summer outfit. She looks so gorgeous in it. In fact we will have more pictures to follow of her in her sweet outfit that our sweet friend Mrs. Jamie took in the park. So, a big thanks to Mr. John and Mrs. Kathy. We love the gifts but love you even more. Your generosity is only exceeded by your sweetness.

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david santos said...

Brilliant posting!
The Children are the future of world.