Monday, March 23, 2009

Sweet new pictures

These are a few new sweet pictures of the kiddos. I just love the one of Gideon at the stream in the park. And the one of Annalise in her backpack. One of her most favorite places to be. :) The picture of Gideon at the table was taken because it was his first time setting the table. We have a new chore chart that he follows. It is not really a reward chart, but he does place a sticker by the chore when he completes it. He is learning to make his bed, feed the cat, take his dishes to the sink, set the table, etc. He absolutely loves doing the chores and begs to do more. ( That may not last very long...but, we will enjoy it while it lasts!)

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Traci & Matt said...

How sweet!!! Your family is so beautiful! I found your site from Jamie's site. I am loving the MUSIC!! Alison Krauss is AWESOME. Congrats on number 3!!