Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day etc...

I dearly love Mother's Day. I treasure every one because I know how empty it is without any little ones. I had many Mother's Days without them and longing for them. Missing them even though I did not know them. God has blessed us with two...soon to be three precious children. We are forever grateful.

We had a wonderful day together. We decided to stay home from church and just rest Sunday morning. I am feeling lots more energetic now that I have entered the second trimester of my pregnancy, but still have days that a nice lazy morning is a perfect thing. Jake and Gideon went to the grocery store early and came home with all the fixins for the best omelet ever and, a beautiful arrangement of roses. They had already given me a very generous gift of an Ipod Touch but, the roses were just a wonderful surprise. We went to an art show and had a great lunch together. Then came home for a wonderful nap. ( A great gift in itself!) Afterwards, we were able to spend a great night with my wonderful Mama and family. Such a wonderful day spent with all of those that I hold near to my heart. Thank you sweet family for a wonderful day and for loving me, not just on Mother's Day, but every day.

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