Monday, June 22, 2009

Another sweet boy for the Franklins!!

Well, Jake and I saw our sweet Son for the first time today. Such a gift. Maybe I can get the video posted soon. It is huge and will take a while. But, he was perfect and very docile and sleepy. He was very modest for a good while and kept the sonographer guessing, but finally decided he would cooperate. So excited. So, we are looking forward to the Nov. arrival of Gabriel Coy Franklin. Our newest precious gift from God.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day to the best husband and Da!!

I don't know how Jake and I ended up with such a blessed life. Why God has given us soon to be 3 wonderful children. We have a life that is filled with smiles and laughter. And, I could not have asked for a better help mate and father for my precious children than Jake. What kind of man asks for a dryer and hot water heater for Father's Day? The best kind. The kind that take his little ones on long bike rides even though it is a much easier ride by himself. The kind that comes home and senses Mama needs a break from the little ones and gladly takes both of them out for the afternoon. The kind that rushes home from work and whose children rush to the door screaming when they seem him. The kind that calls throughout the day to tell us all how much he loves us and wishes he were home with us all of the time. The kind that looks for hobbies that includes all of us. Hobbies that are not a way to get away , but a way to bring us all together. The kind who always thinks of the children and I first and himself second. The kind of father that is always plugged in to his family. The kind who is a willing play partner in the floor with animals and trains(and even a baby doll every once in a while). The kind that oohs and ahhs over his baby girl in a new outfit. The kind that notices every little thing that his little boy accomplishes. And, the kind that makes me feel loved and treasured. That is the kind of husband/father that asks for a new dryer and water heater for Father's Day. I will give him an actual gift because I find such joy in seeing joy on his face. If the children and I can give him just a bit of joy that he gives us everyday, it will be a great day. We love you, Jake/Da!! Happy Father's Day!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sweet Babies

I just love to see my little ones red faced and dirty. It has been really hot this week, and Gideon is a magnet for chiggers. BUT we refuse for any of that to keep us inside all day. We still try to get some time outside even if it is just a few minutes for a quick walk, throwing a few rocks on the driveway, or watering our garden. So, here are a few pics of the Franklin children good and dirty.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just an update...

So, we haven't posted anything in a while. We have been super busy, and I am afraid our digital camera has stopped working. So, no pics until we can find a good deal on a new camera. So, if anyone hears of a good deal, let us know! I don't really like to post much without pics, so it might be a while before we have any new posts. Little ones are growing like weeds. They are just getting so big. Our newest addition is growing as well...which means I am too. We are going to be having our ultrasound on 6/22. So, we will know if we are going to be bringing home a new little brother or new little sister for Gideon and Annalise. Very excited. I started feeling little flutters about 10 days ago and now am starting to feel just a little bit stronger movements now. So exciting. Nothing in the world like feeling a little one move. Just love being pregnant. I am so thankful for all of my sweet babies.