Monday, June 22, 2009

Another sweet boy for the Franklins!!

Well, Jake and I saw our sweet Son for the first time today. Such a gift. Maybe I can get the video posted soon. It is huge and will take a while. But, he was perfect and very docile and sleepy. He was very modest for a good while and kept the sonographer guessing, but finally decided he would cooperate. So excited. So, we are looking forward to the Nov. arrival of Gabriel Coy Franklin. Our newest precious gift from God.


~Crystal~ said...

I love that name! Is there a story behind it? Coy is different & that's good in my opinion.

My word verification was WOOFF. I thought that was funny!

The Franklins said...

Thanks, Crystal. Yes, Coy is Jake's grandfather's name. We have had Gabriel in mind since we chose Gideon's name. Just liked both of them. Too funny about WOOFF!!