Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sweet Girl

Here are a couple of cute pics of our sweet girl. The one in the backpack is so priceless. This was one on our recent trip to Lake Jordan with our great friends Daniel and Elisha. It was our third day there and our second time hiking on Swayback Trail. I guess she felt that she had seen enough. HAHA!! We had the best time with the best friends. Somehow this was the only picture that we came away with, but I will say it was the greatest weekend. Thanks Daniel, Elisha, Anjali, and Jaiden for being the greatest friends. We love you. The other pic is Annalise in her ladybug boots. The boots were a gift from our beloved Aunt Trisha while I was still pregnant with our sweet girl. She has finally grown into them, and let me tell you....she is thrilled. Aunt Trisha is the best and always finds the best gifts ever. We love you Aunt T. I put them on her 10 times per day. Such a precious girl. We are forever thankful that God saw fit to make her ours.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gideon singing his favorite song

Here is a little video of Gideon singing a bit of his favorite song "The Fox'. I think he does a beautiful job. Please look over the folded laundry in the background. Obviously it was diaper washing day. :)

Sweet babies

God has richly blessed Jake and I with such precious children. I never mean to imply that they or we are perfect. I am so grateful for God's grace and my children's ability to forgive a Mama who makes mistakes daily. They continue to love me and to be happy with me despite my constant failures. They really take joy in such sweet little things. I love the picture of them peeking into the oven. They were waiting on a blueberry pie that we made that morning. I love how Gideon is holding Annalise's hand. He takes his responsibility of older brother very seriously. I think he has days that she bothers him all day, but he cannot bear for her to get into trouble. And, they miss one another terribly when apart. The one of Gideon in the swing was just a wonderful gift. He was waiting on Annalise and I on the porch and took a book out while he was waiting. Just sweetness.