Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One of Gideon's favorites....


I hear my little guy singing this song a lot. He has heard it on Sesame Street a couple of times. It makes me smile and a little weepy when I hear him. I hope that he achieves whatever his goals are in life...but, I also hope he remembers his way back home from time to time. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sweet Gabriel Coy

Our sweet boy. His due date is sneaking up on his Mama and Da. November will be here before we know it. Gideon asked today would he be here after he got up from his nap. :) Sweet children. God is so good.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Making memories.

These pictures make me smile. Splashing in mud puddles are just so fun. Even Mama participated a little. :)

New mixer!!!!!

I got a new mixer!!!! Anyone that knows me, knows that this is a big deal. I LOVE to bake for my family. I love to make bread, cookies, dinner and sweet rolls, and lately even sandwich buns. We got 3 mixers for wedding gifts 12 1/2 years ago and have broken all of them in the past 4 years. So, I have been drooling over all of the KitchenAid models for years. But, just hated to spend that much on a mixer. We finally decided to save our Discover card cash back for one. And, this year for my birthday, my sweet parents, in-laws, and Jake's grandparents gave me money. So, I set it all aside and waited to have enough Discover card cash back to transfer to Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards. So, yesterday was the day that the children and I loaded up in the car and made the trip over to our Bed Bath and Beyond. I was able to get the Professional 600 model for 55.00 out of our pocket after coupons,rebates, cash back, and b'day money!!! It is a 400.00 mixer.So excited! So, a big thank you to all of my sweet family for the b'day money. It helped a lot. I am going to close for now so that I can mix and bake until my heart is content. :)