Friday, February 26, 2010

Gideon is 4!!

How can it be? How can the first little arrow in our quiver be 4 years old? Time flies and that is scary to a Mama of 3 precious little ones. Days are wasted with getting frustrated about the little things. A good reminder to stop and breathe deeply on those difficult days (as I am writing this I have a little one having a a good reminder for this very minute! HAHA!) and enjoy every minute of having my chicks around me. So, here are a few pics for those loved ones that we were thinking of, but were not able to be with us. Gideon had a wonderful b'day and enjoyed his day very much. These are pics of the Diego cupcakes that he chose, the joy of opening gifts, and a birthday waffle. Such fun being 4.

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Jamie said...

Happy Birthday, Gideon! I love your cake!