Friday, July 16, 2010

Thoughts about the potty.

So, we have been potty training our sweet little lady. It has been a bit on the difficult side since aforementioned sweet little lady is a bit on the stubborn side. But, we are making it and will not be discouraged. *Note my confidence *:) . But, I guess since we have been in the bathroom... A LOT... it has made me think about all of the time spent in that room with my little ones. All of us Mommies laugh about not having any time to ourselves. That even when we are in the ladies room ,we are either not alone or we have crying children beating on the door needing you know for important getting juice. :) And, I admit to using the bathroom a time or two for a selfish little crying session when I have three little ones crying their eyes out at the same time. But, really our two little bathrooms hold some pretty great memories. Like spending lots of time jumping up and down when someone does go tee-tee for the first time. And, all of the quiet little conversations about adventures had or about to be had while waiting for a poopy. And, then there are all of the stacks of books that have been read to a little fellow, hoping one will be a "moving experience". And, even more recently figuring out how to perch myself on the back of the potty while whispering encouraging words in a sweet little ear. And, it was my pleasure to sit with her on that potty and watch her transform from a toddler to a big girl. And, then there are the memories of nursing all three newborns in the bathroom because you know...a bitty baby has no understanding of "I will finish nursing you as soon as I go to the ladies room. " :) S0, I guess I have decided that the most unglamorous of rooms is the most beautiful. Who would have thought it?? ( pic by j.woodbery)