Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Posting at the Hubby's blog.

Today I am posting over at Jake's blog. :) Have a great day.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Family, adventure, life...

I love my husband, Jake. No, I mean I REALLY LOVE him. Like, love him more than anything or anyone else in the world. It is a constant, steadfast, and unbreakable love. A love that lights the way during the darkest of days. He is my very best friend. I have been lucky enough to be his wife for 14 years. In those 14 years we have had lots of adventures, but the greatest adventure has been parenting and becoming a family. Jake is immensely talented and excels in whatever he puts his mind to. He recently decided to start a blog. He put in his first entry yesterday and just like everything else he does...it is awesome. Take a peek. I know you will like it. :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Gabriel's Party

We had our celebration of Gabriel Coy turning one this past Saturday. We had such fun and so much appreciated everyone coming. In lieu of gifts, we asked everyone to bring a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child and of course everyone was so  eager to help and they were incredibly generous with their gifts. We were able to collect 6 boxes. I wish so much that I could just slip inside one of the boxes and travel with it so that I could see the children's faces when they received these awesome boxes. My own children have been so excited and have completely understood that the toys, clothes, school supplies that have been coming in to our home are not for them, but for other children. In fact, the pediatrician asked them what they wanted for Christmas while we were at our appointment today and Annalise sweetly explained that we were packing shoe boxes for the children for Christmas. :) Of course, we will have gifts for our children, but I love that the first thing she thought of was giving to someone else. I am trying to learn from their example. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OCC in Sudan - Very Far Away

So...our little Gabriel is turning one this Sunday. How can that be?? As we are preparing for our little one's birthday, we are also preparing our shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. It is heartbreaking to me as a mother to know that there are children in this world that do not have the necessities in life. I think about how I would feel to not be able to provide what my children need. My children have above and beyond what they need. As I stated in my previous post, God has been showing Jake and I so very much about how we need to change. We have been trying to introduce our little ones to the fact that there are so many orphaned and needy children are in this world. And, it is our duty as followers of Christ to help in any way that we can. Some days, I feel like we are doing well, and there are other days that I am sure that we are failing. But, I am realizing that even if I fail, God will bridge the gap of that failure. This morning, I showed this video to my two oldest (ages 2 1/2 and 4 1/2). If you know my two oldest, you know that they are both chatterboxes. They talk CONSTANTLY. I feel embarrassed to admit it, but sometimes I don't pay attention to every sweet word that they say. :) So, as I was showing this to them, Gideon was kind of quietly talking beside me. I am sorry to say, I wasn't paying attention at first. But, how I wish that I had paid attention to every word because what I did hear made my heart melt with the sweetness. The last thing I heard out of his sweet mouth was "help us to take care of all of the children in Africa and India...in Jesus name...Amen." He had been standing there quietly praying the whole time!! I turned to him with big tears rolling down my cheeks and put my arms around his sweet shoulders thinking "why was I not listening??!! Why didn't I pay attention to every sweet word and write it down??" But, then I realized...he wasn't talking to me. :)