Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Lately we have been listening to a lot of music. One of our favorites is Renee and Jeremy. They are a wonderful duo that sing children's music that adults can enjoy. I love all of their songs, but I have particularly been enjoying  their song Free. You can listen to the song and read the lyrics here .

The last 4 lines are so significant to me:
what you gonna take when you walk from me
what you gonna make of your world to be
what you gonna sing with your harmony
learn to be yourself and you'll always be

It makes me think about what my children are going to take away from me and our home. What am I teaching them to make of their world?  Am I teaching them to be themselves and not only that, but to be happy with who they are ? I think sometimes as Christians, we are frightened to tell our children to not be afraid of who they are. That if we tell them to always be themselves, that it is giving them license to do something that is wrong. But, lately I have realized that if I give them a good moral compass as their foundation...a moral compass whose "true North" is Christ, then I can relax and say "be yourself".  Be the individual that Christ made you to be.  So, what are my duties as a parent? I believe that they are :
#1 Lead them to Christ.
#2 Teach them to be compassionate individuals who care more about others than themselves.
#3 Educate them and prepare them to leave my nest and be responsible adults. Adults that can make decisions for themselves based on THEIR OWN beliefs and thoughts.

These are just a few of my hopes and dreams in raising my children. What are your hopes and dreams and what music inspires you? 

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