Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Do you like my new word? That is what I am doing...I am "Mommying". And, I LOVE it. I love it from the top of my head to the bottom of my big feet. I love to Mommy my little people. They bring me so much joy. With an almost 5 year old, almost 3 year old, a 15 mos old (and a dog the size of horse with a little separation anxiety thrown in the mix) most days are filled with tons of laughter and joy.However, there are difficult days. I mean, there have to be difficult days with 3 different little personalities that are trying to learn to adapt to life as we know it. But, I still love it. We are a very fortunate family. Since my hubby works at home and the oldest schools at home (as will younger siblings) our lives are intertwined 24 hours a day most of the time. We all love it. But, there are days when everyone is cranky and everyone needs a nap. Days like today when I have a nice mixture of brown rice and rice krispies all over the floor. And, I am so behind on laundry that we have all worn every pair of our jeans...3 times each. Those are some dirty jeans. :) I often fast forward in my mind 20 years from now. Our littles will no longer be little. They will be grown and more than likely living elsewhere. Which will mean our house will be so quiet. And, in those quiet days, what will I remember about these loud days? I am sure like most mamas, I will look back and wish that I had spent more time playing and less time doing laundry and housework. I will regret every time I punished when I should have hugged. I will wish that I had picked up every time that little arms were lifted up to me....EVERY TIME.  I would like to write the "older me" a letter. I would like the "older me" to know that for the most part, I did the best I could. Remind  "older me" that parenting is difficult and that 75% of the time you are kind of learning as you go along. :) I would encourage "older me" that my littles loved me and that they forgave me of my mistakes. And, most importantly they were happy...and so were their parents.

And, if  "older me" could write back to me I am sure she would say don't worry about the rice on the floor, hug more, play more, and pick them up every time they ask....EVERY TIME :)