Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Do you like my new word? That is what I am doing...I am "Mommying". And, I LOVE it. I love it from the top of my head to the bottom of my big feet. I love to Mommy my little people. They bring me so much joy. With an almost 5 year old, almost 3 year old, a 15 mos old (and a dog the size of horse with a little separation anxiety thrown in the mix) most days are filled with tons of laughter and joy.However, there are difficult days. I mean, there have to be difficult days with 3 different little personalities that are trying to learn to adapt to life as we know it. But, I still love it. We are a very fortunate family. Since my hubby works at home and the oldest schools at home (as will younger siblings) our lives are intertwined 24 hours a day most of the time. We all love it. But, there are days when everyone is cranky and everyone needs a nap. Days like today when I have a nice mixture of brown rice and rice krispies all over the floor. And, I am so behind on laundry that we have all worn every pair of our jeans...3 times each. Those are some dirty jeans. :) I often fast forward in my mind 20 years from now. Our littles will no longer be little. They will be grown and more than likely living elsewhere. Which will mean our house will be so quiet. And, in those quiet days, what will I remember about these loud days? I am sure like most mamas, I will look back and wish that I had spent more time playing and less time doing laundry and housework. I will regret every time I punished when I should have hugged. I will wish that I had picked up every time that little arms were lifted up to me....EVERY TIME.  I would like to write the "older me" a letter. I would like the "older me" to know that for the most part, I did the best I could. Remind  "older me" that parenting is difficult and that 75% of the time you are kind of learning as you go along. :) I would encourage "older me" that my littles loved me and that they forgave me of my mistakes. And, most importantly they were happy...and so were their parents.

And, if  "older me" could write back to me I am sure she would say don't worry about the rice on the floor, hug more, play more, and pick them up every time they ask....EVERY TIME :)


Angie said...

Love this! Wish I had the privilege of staying at home with my little one. You are very blessed! Keep up the good "mommying". Love you.

Brenda said...

You have brought tears to my eyes.
What a wonderful way to look at life with your little ones. You are so right about how soon they will be parenting their own and your love will be passed on through them.
Thank you for being so creative and thinking so far ahead.
Every time I look at a photo of my three when they were small, I always wish I had given them more hugs and spent more time with them. I can't say I have any regrets. Gary and I saw to it we had family time and we made some great memories. One important fact that I recognized early in my mommying is I not only brought 3 sweet little ones into the world, but each has a living soul that will never die...That is a huge responsibility for parents to face. Your little ones are blessed.
Blessings on you.

Elisha said...

LOVE it, Kristy!! I was thinking just yesterday what it would be like when they were grown and out of the house...it'll be too quiet if you ask me ;) I am also loving this stage of life - even on our tough days! Such a blessing to have 3 little ones. Every day is an adventure and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Love and miss you all so much!!!

Mama*P said...

So true. I get weepy when I think about the boys growing up and leaving home. Scott often reminds me that we still have alot of time left together as a little family so I try not to fret over the things I can not control. But more than that, I needed this reminder today. After 2 long sleepless nights with my little guy, mommy is a little cranky and needs to be a little more patient with these tender hearts.

Donny said...

THIS is the ultimate life adenture; family!

cathy said...

Kristy.. I want to come and live with you in the woods with your Littles...I want mine to be littles again. Working outside my home is my biggest regret, If I could go back, I would stay home even if we had to eat beans everyday. I feel like I missed so much. love you

The Franklins said...

Thanks everyone.
Angie, you are a wonderful mama. I am so glad to know you and to have lived with you for 9 months. You are a precious individual.

Brenda, I know first hand what a wonderful Mother you were and are. A beautiful example to me. Love you.
Elisha, too many words except I love you and you are the best "best friend" anyone could ask for.

Donny, thank you for being a steadfast anchor in our family. I love you and am thankful for you raising a wonderful man to be my partner in this adventure of life.

Cathy, you are welcome to come stay with us any time. Just be forewarned...it is loud around here. And, I know your kids would say that you did a terrific job as their Mama...and are still doing that. Your dedication to Kim and Pete is precious. I love you.

Paige, we ALL have those days. It is hard being a sweet and patient Mama without any sleep. I wish that I could take all of my snappy words back that I have used in the past 5 years. But, my children know that I am not perfect and they forgive me. Just like I forgive them. Around here, we say "I love you happy, sad, glad or mad." We accept each other just the way we are....snappy words and all.

Jen Andrews said...

Awesome! I will talk to you about home schooling in a few years!

The Franklins said...

Would love it, Jen. Anytime. :)