Friday, April 1, 2011

Beautiful Messes

Parents are faced with lots of messes and it is hard to see the beauty in them. When I think of messy, I usually think about toys all over, sticky floors, and finger prints on the window. But, it really can be so many other things. And, sometimes believe it or not, messes can be lovely. It has been difficult for me to live my life without fear of messes since I have had children. As mothers, we are always planning things on schedules because if we veer from our routines, it can create a MESS!! But, sometimes an adventure requires us to leave our comfortable routine. An afternoon of hiking can create very tired little ones, but the memories are so worth the fussiness that comes afterward. A morning of play dough and finger painting can create a huge mess, but OH THE FUN!!

I read once that you should live your life as a movie. It needs a good plot or mission. It requires love and bravery. And, it needs to be interesting. Sometimes those things require you to step out of your normal comfort zone. Adopting a child can be messy. Building a new home can be messy. Having more than 2.5 children can be messy. But, all of those things will add so much to your life. I am grateful for a husband that is constantly pushing me beyond my normal comfort zone. He is constantly reminding me that just because things are not our "norm" doesn't mean that we should not try them. Since I have married him, I have tried so many things that I would not have been brave enough to try before. I have hiked into very remote places (which means that I have gone days without bathing...MESSY!!). I have taken music and knitting lessons. I have become a gardener. I have ridden motorcycles, run in races, given birth naturally, camped with infants and toddlers, homeschooled my children, and now consider myself a cloth diapering tree hugger. :) While all of those things are or have the potential to be messy they are all so wonderful and I am grateful to have experienced all of them. As a mother, I would love for all things to go as planned and to be neat and tidy, but really... where is the fun in that? Life is meant to be lived in joy and sometimes that means you have to get a little messy.

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