Monday, April 4, 2011


We took the kiddos to Dairy Queen for a post soccer lunch this past weekend. They sat at the high stools across from mine and Jake's table. Sigh....I guess it is that time already. I noticed there were two little girls near us and they had a pretty good case of the giggles. Since I had my own little giggler/wiggler in the high chair next to me, I didn't pay much attention to them. When it was time to go, Gideon (5) told me that the girls next to us were giggling and smiling at him. Then, he kind of sadly said, "Maybe they were making fun of me". Those of you that are mothers know what my heart felt like at that moment. I was torn between going back in and giving those girls a very long lecture. Or, I could grab my little boy and go home where I was confident I could protect him from people that would hurt him. But, I know deep down in my heart that he will experience hurt. Some hurts (like this one) he will rebound from quickly and others will be much deeper. So, how do I prepare him for this? I honestly am not completely sure. But, I do know that I am going to try to prepare him everyday. It is my intense desire to help my children to become responsible human beings that are confident of who they are and what they believe. To be thoughtful of others, but not to be swayed or hurt by the views of others. It is however, impossible to protect them forever and I shouldn't want to do that. It is my job to create independent human beings that are ready and eager to leave me when it is time. It is my job to make them able to leave my nest and do wonderful things. It is my job to help them manage the hurt feelings without being overcome by them. So difficult, but possible.
                                                     Photo by J Woodbery Photography

So, I told my 5 year old "I am not sure if those girls were laughing at you or not, but even if they were, it doesn't matter. You know and I know what an amazing boy you are. That fact will never change no matter what other people say or think. " And, then I prayed...A LOT!! :)


Mama*P said...

Perfect response, Kristy. FWIW, I see the same thing happening with Will. He wants to make friends everywhere we go, but sometimes children are reciprocal. And it breaks my heart, every time I see that look of disappoint in his face, because he is so sweet and doesn't understand. So as I said your response was perfect, mama.

The Franklins said...

Aww....thanks, Paige. I do wish that I could shelter my children forever, but it just isn't possible. And, next time Will is heart broken over something, give him an extra hug from me.