Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I have never read Bleak House by Charles Dickens, but this quote was on my calendar this morning. "Oh running stream of sparkling joy. To be a soaring human boy!" 

I love being a mother to my boys and girl. But, there is something fascinating about the energy of a little boy. It is endless and sometimes I just watch in amazement as my little Gabriel Coy (17mos) crawls up on top of the kitchen table. The inherent differences of girls and boys fascinates me on a daily basis. But, I love this quote because it puts that energy in such a positive light. It must be a wonderful thing to have that kind of energy and zest for life. Boys are always looking for the next adventure, the next mountain to climb. As a girl (a very girlie girl, at that) I admire that so much. It is easy to try to squelch it instead of fostering it in a healthy way. So, thank you, Mr. Dickens for such wonderful words of wisdom. 

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Mama*P said...

I love this quote, and as a mother of boys only, it's a nice reminder for me to let them be boys so they may keep that sparkle in their eyes.