Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Driveway fun.

Believe it or not, one of our favorite places to play on our property is the driveway. It has some great sandy spots with wonderful soft sand. I LOVE sand. It is just very relaxing to play in. Oddly enough, I am not really a beach person. Go figure!! I have wonderful memories of playing in those same sandy spots with Dand'un, "Auntie Kara", and "Uncle Cabob". Now I get to play with my own littles. :) The kids must love it, too because they are always asking to walk down the driveway. It can take us a pretty long time if we are just getting the mail. Just too many adventures on the way.
                                                     Sandcastles and "digging for jewels".
                                                     Is this the cutest little guy or what??
Hope your day is happy. If you have a minute whisper a prayer for my sweet Dad (well, actually step dad...but, I don't like that word.) He is in the hospital and our hearts are worried.

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