Friday, November 11, 2011

Report card time.

We turned in our first official report card for Gideon. Hard to believe our little guy is so big. He received all Os for "Outstanding". I know that his teacher is somewhat partial, but he honestly deserved it. He has done so well and I am thankful. I am trying to have a relaxed attitude this year because I understand that things get a little more serious in first grade. So, our biggest goal is just learning to "love to learn". I recently discovered Pinterest. I LOVE it. We have been making all kinds of  things and trying lots of  new recipes. It is kind of like swapping ideas with friends. It is like a social network without the drama of Facebook. (Sorry Facebook...I still like you...most of the time.) The kids had a blast making Mayflower ships with their hand prints (thanks, Pinterest). Too cute!!

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