Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A few pictures.

Here are just a couple of pictures before I start posting all of the Christmas/Advent pictures. I am sure I will get all of that on here before 2013. ;) Our kiddos love their stick horses. A lot of times we just have one of something because it helps them to learn to share. And, we just do not have room for 3 of everything. But, there was a constant "waiting line" (aka fighting) about the stick horses. So, Annalise and Gabriel's birthday presents in 2011 were stick horses. Those horses get a lot of exercising. :)

And, I love this one of Annalise. We use Usborne's Living Long Ago as part of our history lessons. We were reading about European fashions from 350 years ago. Did you know that Europeans used masks and little stick on "tattoos" to cover scars and blemishes?? I didn't. :) But, we made some "tattoos" for our faces and attached them with flour and water. The kiddos had a great time and I loved this picture of sweet Annalise.

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