Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our funnies from the week.

Gideon has a new super hero that he has created. It is Superhero Missionary. He flew around the house quite a while Tuesday evening demanding that we all stop worshiping other idols and worship "THE ONE TRUE GOD"!!! (said in a booming voice) Afterwards, he decided that I needed to be the Old Testament Israelites that were constantly following their neighbors pagan ways. He would jump out from around the corner shouting "Aha!! You must worship the ONE TRUE GOD!! I will now have to punish you!! :) :) I am very anxious to  finish up the Pentateuch in our Bible curriculum and move on to the New Testament... and talk about grace. HAHA!!

And, this little beauty requires no explaining. Nothing cuter than a masked snotty toddler.

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