Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our News Writer..

I am so behind on blogging. I have pictures from Gabriel's birthday and Thanksgiving weekend, but, this was just too cute to wait its turn. :) Gideon has been writing tons of newspapers lately. We love it when he reads them to us, so I decided to make a video of him reading one of his latest editions. I have no idea where he got his "news anchor voice" since he has only watched the news once or twice in his lifetime. :) I feel like I need to apologize for the condition of our table. I would give an excuse for the mess, but is like that all of the time. We just eat around it. ;)


~Crystal~ said...
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~Crystal~ said...

Too cute!

We don't even eat at our table. ;)

(sorry for the deleted comment, I realized I missed a word as I hit send)

The Franklins said...

Funny, Crystal. We use ours every meal, but always surrounded by crayons and paper. ;)