Friday, February 3, 2012

Things are plugging right along, here. The kiddos are all thriving and school is going very well. I am so proud of the changes I have seen in Gideon. Sweet Dand'un recently told me use the scope of a year to measure the children's progress. And, I see leaps and bounds in so many ways. Gideon's handwriting is phenomenal considering we could hardly get him to grip a pencil in any way other than with his fist last year. He is really excelling in math as well. Annalise's comprehension with read alouds is fantastic and she is really making progress in her letter recognition and letter sounds. YAY!! We have also been joining sweet friends once a week to learn in a group setting. It has been wonderful for them and for me. I love being surrounded by brilliant and sweet Mommies to encourage me.

Here is an activity that Gideon did yesterday for Groundhog's Day. His first poll with tally marks. :)

And, here is Annalise's kidney bean sprout that she is growing. They all 3 are participating with this one, but hers is thriving the most. :)

And, lastly, here are my new cloth napkins. I know.. it is ridiculous that I am kind of giddy over cloth napkins. Especially since they are kind of white and boring. But, I have this dream of having a paperless kitchen. I am pretty sure it is unattainable, but I will feel better about using fewer paper towels, anyway. ;)

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